Bespoke Wedding Cakes By EmzCakes

Are you looking for someone to make your dream wedding cake? Here at EmzCakes we turn your ideas into cake! From the traditional to modern wedding cakes or something a little more quirky, we will work with you during the design process to create your perfect cake for your special day.  We believe your cake should taste as good as it looks and we offer a fantastic range of flavours from the classic flavours to something a little different. Every wedding cake by EmzCakes comes with your choice of flavours from our extensive flavour guide.




Serving Sizes

We offer two different serving sizes, depending on how much you and your guests love cake! 

Regular Servings: This is the size we advise for parties and is a good sized slice. This serving size is based on a 2" x 1" x  4" slice. 

Small Servings: This is a smaller finger portion, and this is a more traditional wedding serving size
We offer both options for weddings. We will need to know which serving size you would want, so we can work out the best size options for your cake to cater for your  guests.for cakes. This serving size is based on a 1" x 1" x 4" slice. 


The Design

This is the fun part! You can choose exactly how you want your bespoke wedding cake to look. You don't have to know exactly what you want, Emma can help come up with a design with you, but it is very helpful if you have taken a look online yourself first and have some photos to show us as this helps give us an idea as to the kind of designs and also style of cake you love.

Every bespoke wedding cake is different, and we do not copy other cake makers designs, but we are happy to take inspiration from ideas you have seen online. We offer a bespoke design service meaning we will design the perfect cake with you. the kind of styles and designs you love.The Design

For bespoke wedding cakes we highly recommend booking a free bespoke wedding cake consultation with Emma. We have appointments available on the first Saturday of each month. If you are unable to get to us on a Saturday, or are not local, you can get in touch via the blue messenger tab on the bottom right of this page, or if you don't have messenger, by using the contact form on the top menu bar.


Delivery & Set Up

Your cake will include free delivery and set up within 10 miles of our Wrexham shop. We deliver outside of this area too for a small fee, 11-20 miles +£10 or 21-30 miles +£30. This delivery fee covers our mileage and also the time for our team

to be away from the shop and the time it takes to set up your cake too at the venue. Transporting a wedding cake is a delicate process, we offer delivery to take the pressure and stress off you on your wedding day.


Bespoke Wedding Cake Consultation

If it is a bespoke wedding cake you would like, you will need to book an appointment for a free bespoke wedding consultation with Emma. We have appointments available on the first Saturday of each month.

All our bespoke wedding cake bookings are subject to availability, when you book a consultation, we will hold your wedding date for you until the day of your consultation. 

During your consultation, we will talk through everything and you can ask any questions you may have too. Emma will go through all the different options and draw up your bespoke design with you. If you have a budget you wish to 
stick within, it is really helpful if you share this with us, as we can then guide you on the best options to stay within this. Please bring with you any ideas you have or designs you have seen online, this can be on a phone, tablet or printed. 

To book a consultation with Emma please call us on (01978) 366668 and one of the team will be able to check your wedding date is available, and also arrange an appointment with you.

If you want to book one of our £199 wedding packages, these do not include a free consultation with Emma. To book one of these packages, please simply visit the shop any time and one of our team will be able to sit down and go through all of the options and book this in with you.


Booking Your Cake With Us

All bespoke wedding cake bookings are subject to our availability. Dates do book up quickly, and we advise booking with as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment, please don't leave it too late to book. We already have bookings for the next two years.

To confirm your booking we ask for a 25% deposit, once this is paid your booking is secure. Your remaining balance can be paid off gradually if you wish, with any remaining balance is due 28 days before the date of your wedding. At 28 days before your wedding, you can no longer make any changes to your cake, at this point we will need to know your final flavour choices, colour samples(if required), and also delivery before time too.



Bespoke Wedding Cake Starting Prices

Below you can view our starting prices for our bespoke wedding cakes, your final price will depend on the complexity of the design you choose which will impact on the time involved to create your wedding cake. 

Three Tier Bespoke Cakes... 

5" 7" 9" Tiers 60 Regular   /  120 Small From £225
6" 8" 10" Tiers 80 Regular   /   160 Small From £250
7" 9" 11" Tiers 100 Regular /    200 Small From £299


Four Tier Bespoke Cakes...

5" 7" 9" 11" Tiers 105 Regular   /  210  Small From £350
6" 8" 10" 12" Tiers 135 Regular   /   270  Small From £399
7" 9" 11" 13" Tiers 150 Regular   /   300  Small From £450


Five Tier Bespoke Cakes...

5" 7" 9" 11" 13" Tiers 195 Regular   /  390  Small From £499
6" 8" 10" 12" 14" Tiers 225 Regular   /   450  Small From £550
7" 9" 11" 13" 15" Tiers 240 Regular   /   480 Small From £599


Six Tiers....

5" 7" 9" 11" 13" 15" Tiers 300 Regular   /  600  Small From £699
Over six tiers - From £799